Government Affairs Department

Government Affairs Department

CAIR-TX CN Government Affairs Department's goal is to empower American Muslims to learn about their Government and the Democratic process, meet elected officials, voice their concerns, register people to vote, and build bridges.

This Department is responsible for actively monitoring legislation and government activities that impact Texas Muslims and responding where appropriate. To ensure that the Muslim community is being represented, we provide a Muslim perspective to policymakers and answer questions about Islam and Muslims' issues. This Department also promotes legislative action alerts, distributes legislative fact sheets, submits testimony to Congress, and sponsors several activities designed to bring Muslim concerns to the Government.

This Department builds networks and coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding. We support domestic policies that promote civil rights, diversity, and freedom of religion. 

 Below is a list of different campaigns organized by our Government Affairs Department:

  • TX Muslim Government Ambassador Program: This is our flagship program where passionate everyday Muslims will learn how to build bridges between the Muslim community and Government. As an Ambassador, you'll receive training on how to influence Government, build relationships with your elected officials, and empower your local community to be more civically engaged.
  • Texas Muslim Capitol Days: Our office has taken the responsibility to organize the bi-annual Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin and our annual D.C. Lobby Day. These days allow hundreds of Texas Muslims to meet their elected officials, advocate for important issues, and make meaningful change. To facilitate these events, CAIR-TX CN launched website to be a hub to organize these events.
  • #TXMuslimsVote Campaign & Website: We believe in empowering the Texas Muslim community to be more active in elections. That is why CAIR-TX CN launched website and created a campaign #TXMuslimsVote to encourage voter participation. This website and campaign is a hub of information where we share vital information on upcoming elections, register to vote, organize statewide voter drives, publish our voting guides, and much more.
  • Yusuf Project: We believe in providing resources and support for the Texas Muslim inmate population. That is why we launched the "Yusuf Project," a campaign to provide a platform for the various Muslim organizations providing direct support to Muslim inmates to collaborate and share ideas and resources.